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Creative Solutions – Ugly Concrete Steps

Cover old concrete steps

Anyone who has ever tried to bust up concrete steps knows its a dirty, sweaty, horrible job to be avoided at all costs. So when a customer wanted to replace 13 steps and 4 landings of rebar reinforced concrete, Foster was motivated by sympathy for the crew to come up with a Creative Solution.

The Problem: Settling had pulled the original concrete steps away from the foundation creating a growing crack.  The steps were stained sagging and dated, with a too small landing with steps to the carport which were hard to see and confused arriving guests.

The Objective: The homeowners wanted to replace existing steps with new ones using Trex decking and vinyl railing for a clean look and easy maintenance. They also wanted a larger landing with steps coming directly from the parking area, inviting guests to their front door.

RSW’s Creative Solution: After taking a close look at the existing steps and brainstorming with the homeowner Foster discovered there was enough clearance under the front door’s sill plate for floating framing and decking. Also, the old steps had some settling but were  level enough to help support the new steps, this eliminated the need to bust out the concrete and reduced the amount of posts needed for the new framing and decking.

Cover Old Concrete Steps

 Process: Instead of toiling for days removing those old steps, Gabe and his crew were able to start framing the first day right on top of them. Joists and Jacks rested on the existing concrete against the house and were fastened to poured in place posts just off the other side of the old steps. This ensured the new steps would be installed level and also brought the edge of the new steps out far enough to completely hide the old ones. The homeowners installed the decking and railing themselves after we had completed the framing. Completed framing ready for Trex.

Cover Old Concrete Steps

Do you have some old steps that have only survived this long because you’re dreading that weekend with a jackhammer? Rodda & Sons West may be able to help you with a Creative Solution. Or, if you’re handy with lumber and nails, this could be your next DIY project. The homeowner above did a combination, letting us handle some of the more complex carpentry, and installing the decking  and railing himself. No matter what you decide, we wish you luck with your landscaping endeavors. Don’t forget to give us a call if you need a Creative Solution.