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Referral Incentives

At our latest marketing brainstorm session an idea sprung up. Referral incentives. Our #1 source of new jobs is always postive testimonials and word of mouth referrals (by the by, we have a new testimonial form on our website, be the first to leave one!).  These days with such a glut of advertising thrown at consumers, they’re most likely to trust the referral of a friend rather than any advertising money can buy. 

As the discussion continued, some felt it was wrong to “buy” referrals with a reward system, it felt dishonest somehow. Of course, we would not want you to refer our services for any reason other than your genuine high opinion. On the other hand, we want to ensure that when an opportunity comes to refer us, you jump at the chance. Also, since you’re our best advertisers, we think you should be rewarded! But it doesn’t matter what WE think, we want to know what YOU think!

What do you think of referral incentives?

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