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The creation of a beautiful and carefully designed landscape is not a project most people are willing to take on by themselves, even if they have green thumbs and know just what they want. Most people are also not aware of the cost of hiring a reputable design/build company to design and install a professional quality landscape. Yet, if you choose Rodda & Sons West to handle your project, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of your investment every day for years to come and know that it significantly increases the value as well as the beauty of your home.

Project Planning Guide

We would like to help you think through some of the factors that go into planning a landscape. Your consideration of the following series of questions and ideas can serve as a starting point for your meeting with our designer. It would be fun and interesting to make some observations, lists, and sketches as you go through this information. At the time of your appointment, Foster will be able to offer his experience and knowledge in answering your questions and guiding you in making your final choices.

ObjectivesWhat is the overall scope of your project? How will the space be viewed, used and maintained? How would your lifestyle determine the type of landscape you want?

Things to consider: Time or seasons spent at home using and enjoying your landscape; children, sports, pets; access to house, garage, and waterfront; outdoor dining & relaxing, boating & fishing, birdwatching & wildlife observation; view from the street, the water, the windows; level of maintenance, etc.

Needs – What are the practical issues? What are the site problems that need a functional solution or assets that need to be optimized?

For example: Shade, sunlight, prevailing winds, salt air; noise, utilities, neighbors, desirable or undesirable “borrowed” views that need to be screened or framed; slopes, embankments, waterfront, wet areas, erosion or drainage problems, and other site grade issues; and so on.

Style – What’s “the look” you’re looking for? What is the style of your home? Of the surrounding environment? What are your tastes?

Imagine: Natural, refined, casual, formal, free-form, geometric, curved, straight, complex, simple, wide open, enclosed, colorful or subdued. Picture: classic Northwest, English mixed border, Oriental flavor, tropical, beachy, functional, playful, whatever!

Hardscape – These are the “bones” of the landscape? What materials do you envision? The basic hardscape is usually done first, so it could be the first phase, if you choose do have the work done in stages. Preferences for certain materials used in hardscaping sometimes relate to “Style”,above. Picture: A deck, dock, patio; berm, rock garden, terraced slope, retaining wall, raised beds; an arbor, pergola, or gazebo; a boat slip, walkway, pathway, stairway, steps, fencing; a waterfall or pool. Using materials such as: wood, rock, slate, pavers, cottage stone, brick, concrete, exposed aggregate, river rock, crushed rock, pea gravel, etc.

Plants – What favorite plants from childhood, travels or books would you like to include? Do you want a spot or a sweep of lawn or no lawn at all? Different plants can add a distinct flavor or character to a landscape – see “Style” above. Or they may relate to “Needs” like screening or erosion control.

Make wish lists for and/or learn more about: short-lived annuals and long-lived perennials, grasses, ferns, herbs; groundcovers, shrubs, trees, broadleaf evergreens, conifers; showy flowering plants, foliage plants, shade-loving plants, deer-proof plants, native plants, seaside plants, plants with year round interest, low maintenance plants.

Ball Park Budget – What is your expectation as to the cost of your project? Could your project be done in stages? What would you like to accomplish first?

If your landscape were a car; would you look for a modest but dependable commute car, or would you want a state -of-the-art, ultimate driving machine? Would you get the first and save toward the other? Both are good choices, it depends on what you need, what you can realistically afford, what its worth to you, and what you want. Maybe something in between would be just the ticket.

It helps to have considered this issue even before you meet with our designer. At that time Foster will help you to explore alternatives, and maximize your options so that you’ll have a beautiful and functional landscape we both can be proud of.

At this point, what is your tentative budget for your landscape (or the first phase or single project): up to 5,000, up to 10,000, up to 15,000, up to 20,000, up to 30,000, 40,000 or more.

If you’re just beginning your site planning, call us right away for increased options and better coordination of resources. Or if your considering a make-over for an existing landscape, call us now for innovative solutions. Whatever your landscape needs, we’re looking forward to working with you and bringing your ideas to life!

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