Sitka-Bay Tree House

“SITKA-BAY” Tree House

How the Tree House and Its Story Came To Be

When we installed a lakeside landscape for Tom and his family we had no idea how far it would lead us. His warmth and enthusiasm lit a fire in our imaginations that is still glowing.

It all started when he bought the lot next door. Its chief adornment was a storm sculpted spruce tree ringed by thick brush. “What about a treehouse,” said Tom, “know anybody around here who could build one?” “We could!” answered Foster, wheels spinning.

So the tree house began to grow, paths winding through the thick shrub from three directions converging near its trunk, stairs winding round to a door with a driftwood handle under a sharply peaked roof.

Foster thought about the doll his daughter Jessie had that came with a book about her “real life” adventures back in history. What was the story that came with Tom’s treehouse?

Putting our heads together we excitedly “uncovered” the past and pieced together a tale that encompassed Tom, his wife and two children, and the entire RSW crew, spun out in the era of clipper ships and rough settlements along the Pacific Northwest coast.

As the story grew objects began to appear in the treehouse – a glass ball found on the beach back in the 1850’s, shells and rocks in a wooden box taken from the “Sitka Bay” clipper by the shipwrecked children, and a golden watch stolen by a mischievous monkey named Jewel (oddly enough, the name of Tom’s sociable dog as well.)

It was enormously satisfying for us all to put the story together. It’s become an ongoing endeavor as we keep revising it and adding new details and drawings. We thank Tom for inspiring us and surprising us into a new chapter in our lives. We hope you enjoy reading our story, “The Journey of the Golden Watch.”