Our Team

The Man in the Hat
Owner/Manager/Designer Foster Rodda

Foster is a man of many hats (and I don’t just mean the aussie one you see below). Owner, Manager, Designer and fearless leader, he inspires everything we accomplish as a company. Foster will meet with  you at your home to assess the needs of your property, discuss your objectives and personal style as well as your budget. (Note: find a wonderful article on preparing for this first meeting in “Your Project“). He is has the expertise and experience to design a landscape that will both meet your needs and exceed your expectations. With great attention to detail and generousity with his time, he will make sure your landscape project is planned carefully and executed beautifully.

At the Forefront
Third Generation Crew Foreman Gabe Rodda

To bring ideas to life, Foster looks to his Foreman and son, Gabe. Gabe and his whirlwind crew will transform your yard before your eyes. Gabe sets a vigorous pace but he never sacrifices quality to expediency. Gabe can set rocks with our excavator so they look like the earth pushed them up (instead of the sky dropping them!). He has a natural talent as a machine operator. A customer watching Gabe (then 14) said “That boy looks like he was born on a tractor.” In the photos below see the early stages of equipment operator training with Gabe’s daughter Samantha then aged 2 (upper left) and 4 (lower right).

Landscape “Techies”

Robert Corcoran, Chantz Keller, and Rawley Burriss

Landscape Maintenance/Seasonal Flower Team

Shannon Brehan

Michelle Beck

Behind the Scenery

Office Manager/Marketing Director Jessie Rodda Quinlisk