Welcome to our new website! We have redesigned to offer a more interactive site, we hope you will enjoy it! We kept some of the old favorites, such as the Project Planning Guide, our History and photos of Our Team, see photos of our best work including many Water Features in the Gallery, check out the Sandscapes page, or get some help choosing plants with our Featured Beach Plants and Deer Resistant Plants.

We would like to point out some of our new features, such as this blog. We’re very exited to be able to provide landscape tips and advice right here on our website! We hope you will use the blog to post comments, ask questions, and tell us what you would like to see here! We have also tried to make our Contact Form easy to find and use, you will see it in the right hand column of every page. This form is sent directly to our email which is checked daily. Your request will be answered in 1-2 business days. We have also added a search feature in the right hand column directly above the contact form. Use the search feature to easily find what you’re looking for whether it be photos, articles, or information about one of our featured plants. Also new is our current project page where you can see what we’re working on right now. We hope to continue to refine this page so customers can see progress photos on work at their beach home or other second residence. A new feature I’m very excited about is our Plant of the Month. Every month one of our favorite plants will be featured, and with 32 years experience in the area, be assured they will all be “Tried and True”.

Another new feature we hope you will use is our Testimonials page. If you have worked with us before, or have seen and appreciated our work, please let others know by posting your experience as a testimonial. We appreciate the support of old customers and look forward to working with new ones.